Ayurveda says that milk in itself is a complete meal. It contains vitamin D, calcium, protein, potassium, magnesium and other essential nutrients. There should be no skepticism in saying that having milk daily is the perfect way to boost health in a glass. Adding to that, if milk is mixed with turmeric or ghee, it can do wonders for you. However, there are some day to day milk combinations that you should certainly avoid as said by Ayurveda and modern science. Today we are naming 5 of those common milk combinations that you should remove from your day to day life: –

1.Milk and Banana

This combination is favourite for every gym freak who dreams of bulking by natural diet. Though Ayurveda says a completely different story about it. The mixture of milk and banana troubles the digestion process and also disturbs the natural sleeping pattern. The combination generates ‘ama’, a toxic substance which is the root cause of imbalance and disease in the body. It is better to eat them separately rather than blending it. Both have their own life-giving properties which would be super beneficial for us if there’s a gap of at least 20 minutes in them.

2.Milk and Citrus Fruits

Well, it’s a well known fact that in order to prepare curd from scratch, you need to put lemon juice into milk. After a while, the milk coagulates, and a hard mixture of curd is created. Same happens if we consume citrus fruits with milk, fruits being acidic in nature react with casein protein present in milk and tends to get clump together, thus making it hard to digest and absorb by the stomach.

3.Milk and Medicines

This combination is sometimes advice by doctors to prevent irritation of stomach due to drug instructed. Though this combination has its downside too. Calcium, which is one of the main ingredients in milk tends to react with elements of the drug thus making its absorption hard for the body. My advice; consume it orally with fresh water rather than milk.

4.Hot Milk and Sugar

Sugar gets assimilated in the liver quickly and gives instant energy all at once. A glass of hot milk gives you energy for a longer duration as it does not get converted to energy instantly. When sugar and hot milk mixed together, it gets converted to empty calories instantly in the liver.

5.Curd and Night

Although it’s not particularly a food combination but, curd should not be eaten in the night, which will generate heat in stomach while sleeping. According to Ayurveda, curd being acidic in nature increases ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ in our body. However, the best time to consume curd is at afternoon when our digestive abilities are the strongest.

These are five milk products combinations that we should avoid in order to live healthier. Instead of just gulping down milk, our focus should be on drinking it in right way. If you’re looking for purest full cream milk in Karnal, consider MilkBae.