About Us

We aim at providing the quality product by maintaining its natural goodness and purity at every stage, together with ensuring fair returns to our workforce.

Milk Bae is an Indian dairy company by Abhin Fresh Farms Pvt Ltd. that deals in the processing and packaging of cow and buffalo milk packaged in bottles and poly-packs  in North India. With Milk Bae, you can be rest assured  that you will get milk that is PURE, CREAMY, RICH in PROTEINS & CALCIUM. Say CHEERS to pure dairy with MILK BAE.

Cow’s milk is as sacred a mother’s love. Being an Indian dairy brand, Milk Bae understands the emotions of Indians connected with milk and its sanctity. Milk Bae was established to re-unite the people of India with pure milk had become a thing of the past due to the rampant adulteration of milk in the markets. In the search of pure milk, you need not go anywhere else but Milk Bae

We strive to provide the healthy and better quality of milk to our consumers, for better nutrition consumption in everyday life. Milk is nature’s most natural way of complete nutrition in all its wonderful forms. Daily consumption of milk products, provides vital nutrients to the body.

We use our resources in a manner to provide safe and high-quality product, for sustainable dairy production. The whole process of collecting and home delivering the milk is supervised by our experts because your health is important to us.