It is famously said that “prevention is better than cure”, therefore, taking a small step today will definitely make it better to avoid any future complications or problems. In the era of packaged foods and the availability of many delicious healthy drinks in the market, we often forget that there are several homemade remedies that can solve all problems. Buy pure milk in Karnal only from MilkBae.

In the world wave of adopting the western culture, we have given away the intellect of our Ancient text books which are still highly scientific that even puts the scientists in awe. Our tradition has given us some effective milk combinations to cure many health problems. In this article, I will highlight few of the many magical milk potions. Check out:

1.      Cinnamon powder with milk

Simply take some cinnamon sticks and grind them into a powder. Put a spoonful of that powder in a glass of lukewarm milk and consume it regularly. You will see that your health and immunity will improve drastically. Cinnamon and milk cures digestive problems, aids in weight loss, improves bone density and is very beneficial for diabetes patients. The best benefit of all, it makes you glow!

2.      Ginger paste with milk

Just grind some dry ginger in boiling milk, stir it for a while, and voila! Your ginger milk is ready. This simple sounding drink is a treasure of good health. If you are suffering from cold and especially sore throat, this concoction is unbeatable in defeating sore throat. In addition, it also is helpful to heart patients, obese people, respiration problems, diabetes and menstrual cramps. It boosts immunity. Buy pure milk in Karnal only from MilkBae.

3.      Flax seeds powder with milk

You can either use the powdered flax seeds or in the original seed form, mix it in milk and you are ready to drink a super drink! This drink is a health booster. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is elixir for your hair and skin. It cures digestive problems, heart problems, kidney problems and others. It is very good for your immunity.

4.      Turmeric in milk

Known as the golden milk, this is one of the best home-made remedy for good health. The benefits of turmeric are not unknown to mankind. It is a terrific herb which when infused in milk in super effective for good health. Weak immunity, cold and cough, insomnia and more. Being an antiseptic, it is very useful in treating wounds and other skin problems. Turmeric has anticancer agents therefore drinking this potion can keep you away from cancer and accelerate cancer treatment.

5.      Saffron with milk

No matter how tiny saffron may look, it has enormous health benefits. It has anti-cancer properties which help in treatment of cancer. Saffron in milk cures insomnia. Saffron milk is the ancient secret of good health and luck in Indian household. It keeps you away from winter diseases especially cold and flu and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Buy pure milk in Karnal only from MilkBae

6.      Honey with milk

Milk and honey is one of the healthiest food combination. Drinking this will cure you from many diseases like digestive, insomnia, skin problems etc. It brings life to dull hair. This miraculous drink is excellent for your immunity. Drink it on a regular basis to stay in pink of your health.

7.      Garlic with milk

I know it must be sounding a weird combination, but trust me, once you will know the incredible benefits about this combination you will change your vision about this drink. Adding a pod of crushed garlic, turmeric and pepper in milk and bringing it to a boil makes a perfect healthy drink. It is used to cure cold and flu. It also helps in cholesterol levels. It improves metabolism and has many other benefits on your body.

8.      Jaggery with milk

Jaggery and milk not just taste heavenly good, but is power house of multiple health benefits.  It boosts immunity, treats digestive problems, improves bone and teeth health. Jaggery purifies blood and therefore cures menstrual health issues. It is a healthier alternative of sugar and aids in weight loss.

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