There’s a very famous saying in Ayurveda, “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper”. If you follow this advice regularly, you can optimize your health and overall well-being. Our eating habits should be congruent with the sun movements. Though because of our ‘modern’ lifestyles, we are inclined to eat heavy meals at night. This results in partial digestion and toxic accumulation in the body.

Milk being a complete meal in itself is more than enough at night because you’re not going to get involved in any kind of physical activity. Today, Milkbae has decided to discuss an array of benefits of drinking only a glass of milk at night.

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Let’s see those benefits one by one: –

  1. Helpful in Inducing Peaceful Sleep

Due to the presence of Tryptophan and Bioactive Peptides, it can have positive effects on our sleep cycles. And we all know, how much a good sleep of 8 hours is important for our health? Tryptophan helps the human body to produce more serotonin that increases the production of melatonin (a sleep hormone). So, if you’re facing any sleep issues, start drinking hot milk right away before your bedtime.


  1. Reduce Cortisol Levels in Body

One spoon of added Ashwagandha Powder in hot milk during night can effectively reduce your stress and cortisol levels. This holy mixture calms the nervous system down and reduce the blood sugar levels in the body. Various researches have shown that it is helpful reducing the symptoms for depression.

  1. Aids in Weight Loss

A glass of milk at night can aid you in your weight loss goals. It satiates the snack desires and nourishes the body without adding many calories to the system. If you’re on a calorie-deficit program, just have a glass of warm milk at night and sleep peacefully.

P.S.: Consider buying fat-free milk instead of full-fat milk.

  1. Prevents Cold & Cough

During our childhood years, our grandmothers used to make us drink Turmeric hot milk when we ever got sick. This is because turmeric has medicinal properties and is very helpful in recovering from cough and cold. So, go for Turmeric Milk before bed to fasten your recovery.

  1. You Get Shining Skin

With time skin begins to lose its shine and elasticity. Milk contains B12 Vitamin that replenishes the glow of your face along with averting the loss for skin elasticity with age. Vitamin A present in milk helps in the formation of new cells and makes the skin radiant & flawless.

  1. 6. Say Goodbye to Intestinal Disorders

Milk when mixed with honey, they act as prebiotic and increase the production of good bacteria.
Also, by drinking cold milk alone in night, you can keep problems like acidity, constipation and flatulence at bay.


These were some of the many health benefits of drinking only milk at night. Milk is considered as a sacred drink on our land, and if we drink it the right way, it can do miracles for our internal strength. You can buy Milk Bae’s toned milk and full cream milk poly-packs from the nearby stores. For more information, visit their website