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Magical Combination of Milk and Honey

Milk and honey are known worldwide for their astonishing health properties. Milk and honey, both individually possess great healing qualities, just imagine the amount of goodness they will reap if combined together. Buy pure and richest Cow and buffalo milk in Karnal...

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Drink Chocolate Milk for Good Health

Chocolate milk is a hot favourite not just amongst the kids, but also among the adults. It is a delicious drink packed with goodness of taste and health. Though always cynical about their children eating chocolates, mothers are happiest to give chocolate milk to their...

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Health Benefits of Yoghurt

A bowl of fresh, creamy and homemade yoghurt is one of the easiest foods. This wonderful dairy product can be used to make a dip of fruit or chopped onions and tomato, or it can be blended into smoothies or can be used to add texture to the curry or to make your...

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Some Handy Tips for Long Life of your Raw Milk

Raw milk is a blessing from nature which is a delight in taste and health. It is jampacked with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This superfood is home to vitamins like A, D, and K2. Raw milk is an excellent...

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Amazing Benefits of Colostrum- First milk of cow!!

It is true that God could not be everywhere, so he created mother. From the time she has you in your womb, till the time you are grown up to be own your own, she takes care of your tiniest needs. To nurture her baby n her own, God gave this super power to all mothers...

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Benefits of Milk Home Delivery

Milk is a superfood which is vital for proper functioning and development of the human body. It is the only food which is whole on its own. With the wide use of packaged milk, the phenomenon of fresh milk delivery at homes vanished somewhere. But, with the increase...

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Why Cow milk is healthy for Pregnant Women?

When a woman gets pregnant, it is the beautiful phase of her life. Carrying a baby inside you body is a feeling that no man can understand ever!! This happiness is only reserved for woman exclusively. When a woman is pregnant, all she is ever concerned about is the...

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Morning Milkshake Recipes- Milk Bae

Start your day right with the energy kick of Milk. Breakfast is a big deal in every house. The first thing we think about after the second we open our eyes in the morning is– What we are going to eat for breakfast? which not only fill up the bellies but also...

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Amazing Desserts you can make with Milk

Indians and their love for desserts is eternal. Every Indian from a child to an adult admits to having a sweet tooth. But are they really to be blamed if they belong to a nation which offers a plethora of heart pleasing desserts? I doubt. India loves its desserts...

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