Milk and honey are known worldwide for their astonishing health properties. Milk and honey, both individually possess great healing qualities, just imagine the amount of goodness they will reap if combined together. Buy pure and richest Cow and buffalo milk in Karnal and Saharanpur only from Milk Bae.

Honey is traditionally used for health because it has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on respiratory problems. On the other hand, milk has been praised for its vitamin and mineral content, including vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin D, as well as calcium, animal protein and lactic acid. However, when milk is taken with honey, these attributes can be combined to create some unique and desirable benefits.

Health Benefits of Milk and Honey

Both of these ingredients are wonderful in nature. Let us know more about the benefits:

1.     Skincare

Milk and honey are renowned for their properties to make skin beautiful and glowing. From ages this combination is use to enhance the beauty of women. Cleopatra, once the most beautiful women in the world used to have bath in milk and honey. No wonders, this mixture is still used widely in spas around the world to make the skin glowing and supple. You can simple apply a paste of equal proportion of milk and honey on your face and rinse it with water. The results will simply blow your mind away.

2.     Helps in Digestion

Prebiotics are nutrients that stimulate the growth and development of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that grow and develop in our gut and digestive system. Probiotics are a must for good digestion. Honey is fully loaded with healthy probiotics which are excellent for digestion.
Prebiotics have been shown to have a stimulating effect on bifidobacteria, a probiotic found in milk.
When the bacteria in the digestive tract are well balanced, it eliminates many irritating conditions, including constipation, cramps and bloating, and it prevents the development of harmful bacteria.

3.     Boosts Stamina

As everyone knows, drinking a cup of milk and honey every morning can improve people’s endurance. Although milk contains protein, honey contains the carbohydrates needed to stimulate metabolism. Milk and honey work together to empower everyone, including children and the elderly.

Animal proteins from milk are broken down into basic amino acids by enzymes and then reformed to produce proteins that can be used in humans. The excess material in the conversion is then oxidized to the available energy. Protein is an important part of the human diet, and honey helps stimulate metabolism.

4.     Good for Bones

Honey acts as a transporter of nutrients and food for whole body. In particular, honey has proven itself to be an integral part of the body’s intake of calcium, with milk being a rich source. Therefore, eating honey and milk together can not only provide your body with the necessary nutrients (calcium), but also benefit your bones and maximize your body’s absorption. Appropriate calcium levels can prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and joint inflammation.

5.     Cures Insomnia

Honey and milk have been the traditional medicine to treat insomnia. Both act as a sedater and helps in inducing sleep. You must have observed that many people drink a cup of warm milk with honey before going to bed. Buy pure and richest Cow and buffalo milk in Karnal and Saharanpur only from Milk Bae.

6.     Anti-Ageing Properties

The combination of milk and honey affects the entire body by making it agile and young. Many people in ancient civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Indians, drink milk and honey to protect their youth. The antioxidant properties of milk and honey are good when mixed, because antioxidants attack free radicals, which are one of the main causes of skin degradation, wrinkles and spots. Because milk and honey can help ensure longevity, their combination is called the “elixir of life”.

7.     Anti-Bacterial Properties

It is also believed that honey added to hot milk can treat flatulence, constipation and intestinal diseases. It is also suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as colds and coughs.

In the Old Testament, Jerusalem was called the “land of milk and honey”. The benefits of honey and milk to the human body are so great that the word “home of milk and honey” is used correctly.  Get the purest milk in Saharanpur and Karnal from Milk Bae, a brand that delivers fresh and unadulterated cow and buffalo milk straight from the farms to your doorstep in eco-friendly glass bottles. Visit their website to know more