Cow’s milk is as sacred a mother’s love. Being an Indian dairy brand, Milk Bae understands the emotions of Indians connected with milk and its sanctity. Milk Bae was established to re-unite the people of India with pure milk had become a thing of the past due to the rampant adulteration of milk in the markets. In the search of pure milk, you need not go anywhere else but Milk Bae.

Milk Bae is a dairy brand made by Indians and for Indians deals in the marketing and distribution of cow and buffalo milk. Creamy, Rich, Pure, Fresh milk is what they offer. Milk Bae was earlier engaged only in the marketing of raw milk in glass bottles straight from the farms to our doorsteps. But, with so much loved received from the customers, Milk Bae has now launched its own MILK POLY-PACKS available in FULL CREAM MILK and TONED MILK.

Why Choose Milk Bae:

  • Fresh and Pure Milk
  • No Adulteration 
  • No added hormones  
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Convenient Packaging
  • Local Dairy farmers
  • Automatic Machinery


Full Cream Milk

Milk Bae gives you the best of full cream milk which is procured and packed under the most hygienic conditions with automatic machinery. The milk is super creamy with minimum 6% fat and 9% SNF content. Milk is pasteurized and then sealed in poly-packs. Milk Bae’s full cream milk is your step towards achieving a fuller body and inner strength every day.  

Full cream milk packet milk bae

Toned Milk

Milk Bae toned milk is just what you need   if you want to stay fit and in shape without cutting off milk from your diet. Milk Bae toned milk is a perfect combination of taste and health with minimum 3%fat and 8.5% SNF content. Pasteurized and then sealed in poly-packs with most hygienic and automatic machinery, this is the drink you would love to have after a heavy workout session. 


Toned milk Packet milk bae

  • Milk Collection: At Milk Bae plant, the milk is collected from the registered Milk Bae dairy farmers 
  • Lab Testing: The collected milk is then sent to lab for 26 quality tests to omit even the slightest possibility of providing low quality milk to the customers. 
  • Pasteurization: Only after the milk has been given the green signal from the lab after undergoing 26 lab tests, it is pasteurized using fully-automated Machinery. Pasteurizing the milk makes sure that all the harmful bacteria which is not good for human consumption is terminated. 
  • Packaging: After the pasteurization, the milk is packaged in the poly-packs using automatic machinery to safeguard its nutrients and freshness. 
  • Transportation: Milk Bae poly packs are then transported to local stores and corporate for sale and consumption. 


The milk packets launched by Milk Bae assures 100% natural milk which is intensively tested in our labs to make sure that the milk you get is top quality. Only highly advanced machinery is used from assimilation of the milk till its packaging. A sip of this milk and you will know what makes this milk stand apart from the regular milk that you buy.

To relish the goodness of nature in its purest form, buy Milk Bae’s poly-packs from the stores near you. For more information, visit their website