Raw milk is a blessing from nature which is a delight in taste and health. It is jampacked with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This superfood is home to vitamins like A, D, and K2. Raw milk is an excellent source of probiotic which keeps your gut healthy and strong. The benefits of raw milk are endless. There is a common myth which suggests that consuming raw milk is unhealthy. Well, as a matter of fact, raw milk has much more goodness than pasteurized milk. In order to enjoy its goodness, you must keep good care of raw milk and prevent it from spoiling. A little care can make your milk go long. We bring to you a few handy tips to increase the shelf life of raw milk. Check them out:

1.   Organic raw milk

Organic milk is a lot healthier than regular milk. Due to its high quality, it has a better shelf life than the ordinary milk. One must invest in organic milk for a healthier lifestyle. Anything which is organic is any day of more value and goodness. It connects you to nature and maintains an equilibrium between you and the environment. A body in sync with the environment is the healthiest. So always try to invest in organic milk for the longevity of your milk and healthy life.    

2.    Know the Milking Process

The newly obtained milk has a temperature of about 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). If a farm chooses to bottle raw milk before it has a chance to cool down to 34 to 40 degrees F (one to four degrees C), the shelf life of the milk is compacted by one week. When hot milk is placed immediately inside a bottle and then inside a refrigerator for chilling purposes, the warm milk does not have the opportunity to cool naturally. Literally, it takes many hours for the milk to chill. The longer the raw milk is at extra than 40 degrees F (four degrees C), the quicker the milk will sour. Buy the purest milk and Karnal and Saharanpur from Milk Bae and get free milk home delivery in eco-friendly glass bottles.

3.   Make sure that your Refrigerator is cooling at the Right Temperature:

A refrigerator used to store raw milk must have a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees F (4 degrees C). Check your refrigerator to make sure it has the right temperature. if not, you can be sure that a few days have been removed from the shelf life of your milk. The ideal temperature is 33 to 36 degrees F.

4.   Use Baking Soda to Freeze the Milk:

Try this tip: instead of just chilling and cooling the milk you have bought, freeze it. The freezing of the raw milk ensures its freshness and locks it. A problem with the freezing of raw milk is that the cream is a little granular after thawing. Fix this problem by adding at least half a teaspoon of baking soda to your raw milk before freezing it. Buy the purest milk and Karnal and Saharanpur from Milk Bae and get free milk home delivery in eco-friendly glass bottles.

5.   Store Milk in Glass Bottles

The ideal container for freezing raw milk is a glass container. If you do not have access and can only use plastic containers, do not reuse single-use plastic containers, as they may contain chemicals that alter the hormones that can contaminate the milk. Also avoid the use of scratched plastic containers or containers, since the exposure of raw milk to harmful substances may increase. Commercially canned jars that are advertised as freezer safe are also suitable containers for freezing raw milk. Be sure to use a container free of bisphenol-A (BPA). Always use containers with metal covers on the bottom of the metal covers covered with white plastic under the cover. However, if you discover that your metal caps begin to show signs of rust, replace them immediately.

If you take care of all the above-mentioned points, your milk will surely have a long life. Buy the purest milk and Karnal and Saharanpur from Milk Bae and get free milk home delivery in eco-friendly glass bottles. Visit website know more: