Lassi is a drink from Punjab, India. Yogurt is blended with salt, spices, and water until it becomes a frothy drink. It is decorated or layered with a thin layer of cream (Malai) or ground cumin. It is amazingly refreshing and healthy. It can also help you beat the heat wave in the summer. Lassi is a protein-rich drink that helps increase muscle mass. The presence of calcium helps build strong bones and teeth. Yogurt as a probiotic produces healthy bacteria in the body, minimizing terrible bacteria. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. This drink is served in the tall, oversized metallic glass. Today it is sold in cans and bottles. Buy the purest full cream milk and toned milk only from Milk Bae.

Let us know the vivid types of lassis:

1.Salty Lassi

Salty yogurt drinks are traditional and thick. It incorporates ingredients and spices, mainly cumin powder that is served in the hot afternoon during the summer.

2.Mint Lassi

It gives a very cold and refreshing taste that helps to beat the heat of summer and soothes your digestive system. The refrigerated Lassi is sprinkled with chopped mint leaves and served.

3.Sweet Lassi

This is a new variety of traditional salty drinks. But recently this drink is very popular among people. The fragrance of adding rose water is pleasant. Saffron Lassi is also a heavy and very famous sweet drink in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

4.Mango Lassi

This has recently gained a lot of popularity. It is made from fresh mango pulp, water and yogurt. It turns out that this is one of the most delightful combinations, because mango is a favorite fruit, just like Lassi. It tastes best when refrigerated.

5.Banana Lassi

This may sound like a milkshake, but tastes heaven. Thick consistency with nuts and Kismis makes it people’s favorite, one of the most popular type lassi.

Strawberry Lassi6.Strawberry Lassi

If you are a stringent strawberry lover, then you must give Strawberry Lassi a try. The taste will make you fall in love, craving more. The pink color often attracts children and happens to be their personal favorite.

7.Chocolate Lassi

This is the second flavor that kids like to try with adults, because chocolate is everyone’s favorite thing, regardless of their age. This drink is creamy, thick, sweet and delicious. This is also an amazing dessert.

8.Kesar-Pista Lassi

Dried fruit is healthy and nutritious. Punjabi people like to use these dried fruits, including almond, walnuts, pistachios and raisins. They used these to decorate sweets and several dishes such as Halvas. Using them makes Lassi a good drink that is not only healthy but also delicious.

9.Cardamom Lassi

This is a fusion of sweet and savory Lassi infused with Elaichi, served at lunchtime or as a snack for Punjabis. The cardamom Lassi is served with pistachios and tastes delish.

10.Jeera Lassi

This can be used as a good digestive drink. The fusion of curd, cream, lemon juice and Jeera powder becomes a wonderful blend, and when it comes to refrigerating the taste is great. Buy the purest full cream milk only from Milk Bae.

11.Masala Lassi

This is different from the typical Lassi you have heard recently. Basically it is  salty and no sweet syrup or sugar is used. Green chilis and mint or coriander leaves with a little bit of grated cumin seeds make the drink fully flavored and grand.

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